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Russian billionaire seeks immortality using robot

Russian Billionaire Seeks Immortality

Russian media giant Dmitry Itskov has ventured into a new project that aims at staying achieving immortality. The 35-year-old Russian billionaire and media mogul thinks he can do this by building himself and everyone an android body by the year 2045. He wants to have his consciousness uploaded into a computer in the form of a hologram or a humanoid robot in a bid to become immortal. Itskov has invested $1.43 billion in the project as reported by Telegraph.Dmitry-Itskov-diagram-web

There are a few flaws to Itskov’s idea. But that hasn’t stopped more than 20,000 people from publicly supporting the site outlining his plan of using android bodies for immortality. Dubbed the 2045 Initiative, Itskov is selling his idea as the “next step” in human evolution, or “neo-humanity” as he refers to it.

It doesn’t stop with android bodies, either. The 2045 folks are also calling for a new religion and set of ethics because they don’t believe any of the current ones can handle the societal implications of living forever—as most of the current ones have you dying  first in order to achieve immortality.

“The ultimate goal of my plan is to transfer someone’s personality into the new artificial carrier. Different scientists call it uploading or they call it mind transfer. I prefer to call it personality transfer,” Itskov said in an upcoming BBC documentary. “If there is no immortality technology, I’ll be dead in the next 35 years,” he added.


Another curious omission is with the groups, Itskov is currently working with: he’s focused on transhumanists and philosophers, but as yet he doesn’t seem to have tapped into the hacker world. There are a whole lot of people out there interested in mind hacking, and Initiative 2045 appears to be one of the first broad attempts at driving into that realm.

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Though the scientific community is debating over the possibility of success, Itskov is fully confident that the venture will succeed and he can live forever.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Kevin Worldsavior

    October 18, 2016 at 1:56 AM

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